Photography Career Tree

  1. I am interested on being a video editor.
  2. A responsibility is to ensure the raw footage is edited at its best quality.
  3.  The basic salary is $3,256 per month.
  4. I’m interested in editing videos for content creators, and to make some videos of my own to post online.
  5.  Some skills I may need is having some experience as an intern or something smaller. I may need a undergraduate degree in film production.

History of Photography

I was impressed with how in 1826 they were able to create a permanent image it seems quite impossible because it was so long ago. Another event that impressed me was the first color film was manufactured by the Lumiere brother because I have heard of that name bit never thought they would have invented such thing. The last thing that impressed me was how in 2001 Polaroid went bankrupt. These all have an impact in my life because these inventions have led us to where photography is these days. Its impressive because it started from nothing now, we have everything even if there is some room to improve.

Studio portrait critique

If I posted this on Instagram, I would tag it as #aesthic, #studioportrait or #photography. I think these tags would suit this photo a lot.
  1. The main shines on the subject of the photo which makes the subject stand out.
  2. The fill can make the subject look brighter than normal or it can be used a hair light.

Camera Modes

There are multiple camera modes one being Automatic Mode. It tells your camera which judgement is best to use so it selects your shutter speed, ISO, aperture and white balance. It chooses your mode for you so it will give you nice results. Then there is Portrait Mode it will automatically select a large aperture which is a small number. It keeps your background out of focus and the subject in the center stays in focus. This brings us to our third mode which is Macro Mode. It allows you to take a picture of your subject close. It’s great for taking pictures of flowers, insects or other small objects. Our fourth mode is Landscape Mode. It’s the exact opposite of portrait mode it puts the camera at a small aperture which is a big number. It is to ensure that most of the scene your photographing is in focus. Our fifth mode is Sports Mode. It is capable of photographing moving objects also called action mode. It is useful for photographing subjects that are moving it attempts to freeze the action. Our sixth mode is Night Mode. It is a technique also called slow shutter sync. It is for shooting low light situations it sets your camera to use a longer shutter speed to help capture details of the background, but it also fires off a flash to illuminate the foreground and subject. Our seventh mode is Movie Mode. It extends the camera from just capturing still images to capturing movie ones. It’s a handy mode to have when you come across the perfect subject that just can’t be captured with a still image. Lastly is Manual Mode. It is where you have full control your camera and you must set all the settings. It gives you flexibility to set your shots up as you wish.

Cindy Sherman

I really like photo taken By Cindy Sherman. She dressed herself as a clown makes her look really intimidating. Her work makes her seem like she a hard-working independent woman because she does all the work herself. The clown photos she takes might scare some people. Some of the other photos she takes are more kid friendly.

Conceptual Self Portrait

1/40 sec, f/1.8, ISO 400, Normal Programming, Pattern metering

Conceptual means to illustrate something or an idea.

This photo represents me. How? Well in this photo I put some music albums and some air pods. I love listening to music which is why I put albums on there. The air pods represent me because every day I listen to music, there is not one day I don’t listen to music. I take my air pods everywhere I go. I have them at school at home and even at the store.

I chose the albums because I like buying albums more specific kpop albums. I have a CD player at home but also the album contains of photocards which I collect. I have 2 big binders of the inclusions the albums have. Thes albums were made by my favorite kpop groups.